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Insights Do Matter

Unlike most of the commercial publications which emphasize a lot on hardware or individual technology component alone, IDM adopts a business insider reporting style by looking at smart technology from an ecosystem point of view and highlighting stakeholders involved.

Such system approach is attributed to the profound product selling and marketing knowledge of the professional editorial team members accumulated in their past experiences. 


Apart from editorial, IDM is being requested from time to time if the media would render further marketing consultancy services.  Therefore, we decide to provide tailor-made marketing services on  request, for instance, organizing small workshops or seminars, running social media campaigns and direct mailing services, etc.  Do feel free to write to and attend to Kenneth Cheung for more details.

Free Download Resources

IDM aims to be an information sharing platform.  All resources are free for downloading.  Yet, we provide various sponsorship packages for solution or equipment vendors who want to capitalize on this readership service.  

Our industry database covers primarily professionals of Asia plus other channel players from around the world.

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