Nowadays our world is highly associated with the application of smart chips, QR code, BLE and blockchain technologies, be it in cards, travel documents, mobile, consumer and industrial products, the advancement of these smart technologies has brought a connected world and IOE (Internet of Everything). 


Complementing other means of identification such as visual security, RFID, mobile and biometrics,  many more possible smart city solutions are spawn.  This has made modern life unprecedentedly convenient and smarter.


Identification & Management (IDM) was first launched under the auspices of Asia Pacific Smart Card Association (APSCA) in 2013 and was regarded as one of the most successful quarterly to provide a 360 degree expert opinion for the smart community on how the identification technology is developing and its contributions to important areas that affect our life, such as

  • Electronic Identity & Secure Authentication,

  • Integrated Security with Access Control & Biometrics,

  • IOT & Cloud Services,

  • Chips , AI & Mobile Applications,

  • Intelligent Transport System & Urban Mobility

  • Innovation in Financial & Payment Services,

  • Smart Retail, Augmented Reality & Digital Marketing,

  • Smart City Applications, etc.

IDM was the first publication in the world to provide a NFC card or QR code for downloading of a magazine in electronic format.  Yet, we stopped in 2016 to rethink what direction the media should go despite having good advertising support.  Any media needs to reshape and finds its path of how to fit in the future smart world in terms of what message the media should bring and what position it should take in the connected world.

Finally, we decide to re-launch IDM in 2018 to provide a platform of free knowledge sharing in the development of smart technologies Expert opinion is our edge because our editors are from the industry.  All articles or interviews will be free for downloading.  As always, IDM is dedicated to reporting facts and shall verify by all means instead of selling them.

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