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pondering future of access authentication

It's interesting to see how easy people today using high tech to tamper a reader, particularly in this case a HID reader, which I used to sell a decade ago. But what really annoys me is that, why there's no critical technology breakthrough in reader or access control industry in the past 10 years?

One of the major problems may lie on the rigid logic of thinking about how an access authentication would work. That is, until today, majority of the access control industry is still using one secret key hidden and then add on top different layers of protection, basically various encryption methods. Yet, at the end of the day, the core is still that fixed credential, a unique identification number (UID). Hackers are thus able to capitalize on a lot of advanced software and decryption tools to take those layers off and get that hidden credential just like this video to open the door, unbelievably at a very low investment (US80.- as shown in this video taken in 2020). This should alert the industry which needs to ponder how to evolve in the new connected world.

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